The four building blocks of
our communication strategy are:

Through data, planning, technology and creativity, M3 can guide your
customers on a fully immersive journey from discovery, through dialogue,
engagement and ultimately to action.

Below is a brief description of our four building blocks.


Data Analysis

Detailed data analysis plus intensive social, geo and demographic profiling give us unrivalled access to customer mindsets and behavioural patterns. This feeds the creation of acutely targeted, engaging and high yielding customer programmes.

Strategic Planning

Strong insight informed by data analysis shapes our creative planning strategy, resulting in a more rewarding customer relationship and optimum results.


Digital Technologies

Digital innovation is what keeps us ahead of the game. Utilising the latest technologies and communication techniques, we can build stronger, more creative long-term relationships with your customers.

Creative Thinking

Our brilliant, experienced creative and technical minds will combine to ensure your brand story is relayed in the most memorable and engaging way possible.


Step by step, we provide a thorough service
to help you achieve your business goals

Click on the individual cubes to learn more below about each individual part of our communication process.

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