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Check out some of our recent design & marketing work for Solmar Villas. WARNING¸ may give you holiday envy https://t.co/6UxHRTQ0KK 11 months ago

What's the worst that can happen? Your colleague wears the same t-shirt as you to work! #drpepper https://t.co/sD89PCsixj 1 year ago

Work is underway on a range of press ads, brochures, packaging & POS for UNION #LookingGood https://t.co/eOmxpDcDCw 2 years ago

We're feeling festive at M3. The #SecretSanta presents are stacking up https://t.co/jlNYmMqox8 2 years ago

Eight interesting digital marketing stats we saw this week http://t.co/918ObHVfYt #digital #marketing 3 years ago

40+ useful statistics from Econsultancy's Q2 reports https://t.co/BCkGBkZYL7 via @Econsultancy #digitalmarketing 3 years ago

10 online marketing statistics from this week | Econsultancy https://t.co/N3Gj4sb3ae via @Econsultancy #marketing #digital 3 years ago

Advertisers could be the 'moderating influence' on graphic content, IPA's Nigel Gwilliam http://t.co/5wTDMB6Zm0 via @TheDrum #advertising 3 years ago

10 revealing digital marketing stats we've noticed this week http://t.co/Oor0hec2un 3 years ago

Brands use Twitter trending terms to put themselves in front of new audiences.. http://t.co/LwREag3CBZ 3 years ago

Tom (one of M3's developers) hard at work after installing a productivity upgrade to his work station.. http://t.co/tcClw6wviI 4 years ago

The internet has come a long way over the years - heres some great examples.. https://t.co/hLHym1lmpW 4 years ago

Digitally astute, ambitious and focussed? We are looking to recruit a Digital Marketing Manager to join our team - http://t.co/Oi6qOHao5K 4 years ago

Well done @NatalieJayneSmi for being recognised this month by the M3 team for her hard work/dedication last month £50 Voucher for you m'lady 4 years ago

Finishing up the Christmas chocolates didn't end well for @theinternetchap @itsnotsomewhere & account manager Alison. http://t.co/OX7LMvT56o 4 years ago

From all the team at M3 we wish you a very Merry Christmas. Play our snowman skiing game for a chance to win. http://t.co/AYc8sPYg1e 4 years ago

Can you guess what creatures some of the M3 team morphed into for #childreninneed? http://t.co/x1ByayR9An 4 years ago

It's Day 1 of #Movember for 3 members of the M3 team today. Photos coming soon! 4 years ago

More than just Ghosts and Ghouls visited M3 today! http://t.co/DJA7bxlUA6 4 years ago

The team at M3 seem to be wanting summer to return rather than get excited for Christmas. 4 years ago

M3 Open for (New) Business http://t.co/qBvycnAxrA 4 years ago

First it was boy or girl, now we're guessing the name. Is he a George, James or possibly a Spencer? Thoughts please. 4 years ago

Despite the recent heatwave, M3's Office Battle has revealed most of us are still leaving the country for our summer holiday. 4 years ago

It's a beautiful day for a trip to West Midlands Safari Park, see if you can spot M3's work http://t.co/54sgUiMEEK 4 years ago

What will you download? http://t.co/SPPJkdC8JS 4 years ago

What an achievement! All of the staff at M3 send huge congratulations to Andy Murray on his victory at Wimbledon. http://t.co/9hTOXSHuBY 4 years ago

Has anybody spotted our little monsters characters around Marstons pubs? Which is your little monsters favourite? http://t.co/t4WnJOvlww 4 years ago

M3 furthers their relationship with T.C.Harrison http://t.co/55SreGjhON 4 years ago

A big welcome to our newest member of the Digital team Charlotte! 4 years ago

Congratulations to Anya Cummings & Claire Payne who were our lucky VIP ticket winners! http://t.co/oshJ7xm8qp 4 years ago

Our competition is now closed and we have picked our lucky winners! Find out soon if you are our winner...... 4 years ago

Our new leased line has finally been installed and activated, we're now enjoying the information superhighway as it should be! 4 years ago

Possibly the best M3 birthday cakes..... http://t.co/wA40PadXrF 4 years ago

Our new website showcases some of our most recent projects from Muller to West Midlands Safari Park! http://t.co/yTmfhNL7UG 4 years ago

Get in the Christmas spirit and play our Christmas game! http://t.co/dh6BYt8d 5 years ago

Check out another two radio adverts for T.C.Harrison. These promoted the 'Stocktober Sale' - http://t.co/KPV6f0SZ and http://t.co/aARovoKN 5 years ago

Check out our radio advert for T.C.Harrison: This commercial promoted the "90% Sale" on Smooth FM Listen here... http://t.co/hzMnkGtV 5 years ago

Glen and Justin's pumpkins.. http://t.co/Qk9RSVlB 5 years ago

Happy Halloween from everyone at M3 communications! http://t.co/SPLFWZKg 5 years ago

The crazy hair of the digital team - there is a pencil in there somewhere....honest! http://t.co/kfEZEUD2 5 years ago

Gemma's not so big parcel.. we do love a bit of environmentally friendly packaging! http://t.co/x8V1S4Ua 5 years ago

Quote of the day from @iammag - 'Have you ever done it with a penguin?' 5 years ago

Monday morning muffin man! http://t.co/EUSSJLtj 5 years ago

Monday 3rd December is predicted to be Cyber Monday - the UK's biggest online shopping day! We better get prepared! 5 years ago

Big welcome to the newest member of our digital team Amber! 5 years ago

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